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is your pet too anxious to go to the vet or do they have difficulty traveling?  Get your pet the care they need in the comfort of your own home!  
We stock high-quality veterinary drugs in our in-house pharmacy that we buy directly from manufacturers distributor, so you can begin to treat your pets right away.
Successful treatment relies on laboratory services for the prompt diagnosis of patients. Our  laboratory service is equipped to perform most of the very important tests, such as Blood Tests, CBC (Complete Blood Count), Fecal analysis, Urinalysis, Skin scrapes, and many more.
Periodontal disease is also a source of pain, and if left untreated it can cause infection, possible tooth loss, and serious health problems for your pet. Our compassionate staff  is experienced in delivering both routine preventative and advanced dental care. If you want your pet to live happy and healthy life, please don’t neglect their dental care and make sure that your pet will have clean and healthy mouth.
It’s a proven fact that vaccination has been one of the most effective tool against potentially life-threatening diseases prevention and well-being of your pets. we offer most types of vaccines required for your pet.
Grooming is an important part of your pets well-being and a great way to keep them look and feel great. Regular grooming can help in early detection of skin infections and growths before they become a serious problem. At  Pet Care Hospital, we can provide a variety of grooming services, such as bathing, blow drying, brushing, clipping nails, expressing anal glands, and more.
Veterinary diagnostics play the most important role in your pet’s health care.  Pet Care Hospital uses the most current and modern diagnostic equipment to ensure timely and accurate diagnosis for your pet.
We understand that your pet hospitalization can be a stressful time for you and your pet, but in some circumstances appropriate therapy and diagnostic testing can be performed only when your is hospitalized. Here, at Pet Care Hospital we can assure that your pet will receive the best care possible, and his or her condition will be regularly monitored for vital signs, food and fluid intake, and for any changes in medical status.
 Pet Care Hospital boarding is a climate-controlled facility with daily cleaning schedule and high-quality pet food, where your pets will be constantly under the care of a veterinarian supervised staff. We look forward to having your pet stay with us, and we will do all we can to make his/her stay as pleasant as possible!

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